Our Values



As a long term institutional investor in build-to-rent residential property, being professional is second nature to us. It’s why we have engaged Savills as agent to manage and operate Rathbone East, and it’s why our customers will always get a high degree of professionalism from both us as Landlord and Savills as agent. We will always provide flexible, longer term tenancies with no hidden fees or charges.

Forward Thinking

We will lead rather than follow. We will embrace new technologies and wherever possible, ensure that our buildings and management procedures are at the forefront of the market.
Customer Focus

Customers – Our Most Important Asset

Our customers are our most important asset. The success of our business depends on a highly positive customer experience. We strive to provide consistent, first class, customer focused management services with our customers’ interests at the heart of our offer.

Our team will always go out of their way to ensure you get the best possible experience.

Quality Accommodation

We provide good quality, comfortable and modern accommodation which meets your needs.

An approachable on site team that go the extra mileOur properties are managed by customer focused, approachable and site-based staff, allowing you to interact frequently with our team either in person, by phone or email. When our on-site team are not around, you can contact our 24/7 helpdesk.

A welcoming reception

We will welcome you at your new home on your first day to say hello, introduce you to your apartment and building, and provide you with all the information that you need to enjoy living here.


You should have the best possible experience. We want you to be happy living in your home and enjoy it with friends and family. We will proactively engage with you and provide opportunities for you to interact with your neighbours to build a sense of community.

A quick response to customer needs

When you contact Savills about maintenance or repair issues, these will be resolved at the first possible opportunity by a trusted team of vetted, locally based contractors.

Honesty is our policy. If for unforeseen reasons we cannot immediately service your requirements, we will communicate this and confirm when matters will be addressed.

Appreciating and acting on feedback

We will regularly seek your opinions on the building in which you live and the services we provide. We will act, wherever possible, on that feedback to improve our services. If we get things wrong, we will learn and take action to ensure that we don’t get them wrong again.


We are committed to simplicity. Our communications with you will be clear and concise. Clear policies and procedures will be provided so that you know what to expect.